Beijing Focus Media Wireless Media Technology Company, a wholly-owned company of outdoor media giant Focus Media, has formally started its wireless advertisement operations.

Xu Maodong, CEO of Focus Media Wireless, says that the mobile phone has become the fifth largest media agent next to newspapers, radio, television and Internet.

Focus Media Wireless has launched two types of products: click advertisement and direct advertisement. The former means to send the client's advertisement through WAP to the mobile phone of target consumers and the latter involves sending advertisements to users' mobile phone through SMS and MMS.

Xu discloses that they have reached cooperation with 3G Portal Network, Dangle Network and WAP TianXia for the click advertisement services and will pay them CNY36 per CPM.

Focus Media acquired Beijing Kaiwei Diaogao Network Technology Company at the beginning of this year for US$30 million and integrated its businesses into Focus Media Wireless.


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