WJ Communications (WJCI) says its Gen 2 UHF MPR7020 RFID reader module will now be available for the Chinese market.

The MPR7020 is currently the smallest form factor available today, and is packaged in a PCMCIA Type II PC Cardwith serial interface, which allows easy integration into devices such as handhelds, printers, fork lift readers, portal readers, and other mobile devices to enable optimum RFID functionality.

"We are beginning to see the adoption of RFID throughout Asia, including China, and with the expected market growth in RFID to reach over US$600 million by the year 2009, WJ is well positioned to support the major RFID OEMs, VARs and system integrators," said Bruce Diamond, Chief Executive Officer and President of WJ Communications. "The multi-protocol MPR7020 supports Gen 2 tags and supports Multiple Reader Environment (MRE) mode, providing an excellent reader platform for OEMs and system integrators to design best-in-class, high performance, and scalable RFID solutions."

The 1.0 Watt MPR7020 reader module operates over the China UHF frequency band (917-922 MHz) and includes the RF, digital circuitry and embedded firmware required for EPC Class 0, EPC Class 1 Gen1 and 0+ Zuma, and ISO18000-6C (UHF Gen2) international standards operation.

The MPR7020 leverages the common PCMCIA Type II package with 3.3V CMOS levels (up to 5V) serial communications. The product is designed to be plugged into a PCMCIA Type II socket wired for serial communications and to be operated via a WJ provided Graphical User Interface (GUI) program.


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