Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Unicom, Shanghai Tietong, Shanghai Netcom and Shanghai Satcom announced that they will all provide double refunds to consumers if the telecoms provide any false advertising in the future.

The six telecom operators jointly made a public commitment that they will not exaggerate their service offerings or advertise fake discounts. Instead, they said they will notify consumers about their cost standards and charging methods so that consumers can have a clear idea of the products they are purchasing.

Statistics from local consumer groups show that telecom prices are a frequent complaint for consumers in Shanghai. Consumers complain that the price tags for communications products are not often marked and the way advertisements are often formatted can confuse purchasers.


  1. I am trying to buy from a co. call tinyard enterprise but we are to see if they a fare and legitimet co and if there is any complain,s thank you.


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