Home appliance retailer Suning has initiated a new service in Nanjing that is the company's first launch of service strategies targeted at the specific market consumption features in the surrounding areas of each store.

This is the first time that Suning has launched a regional consumption strategy based on a particular store. Previously, all of its stores carried the same promotions and products.

Suning is now focusing on air-conditioner sales at its stores, and it has worked out a series of services including air-conditioner delivery and installation to benefit local residents of Nanjing's Dachang, Jiangning, Pukou and Liuhe Districts.

Suning plans to extend this strategy across China to improve the service quality of its respective stores.

Headed by their CEO Lu Zhicheng, managers of Tsinghua Tongfang's PC Department, Energy and Environment Department and Education Department, also recently visited Nanjing where they held consultations with representatives from Suning's main business departments for a possible operations merger.


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