A recent survey conducted by Chinabyte.com shows that 94.12% of those polled call on Foxconn to increase the benefits offered to its workers who assemble the Apple (AAPL) iPod.

In June, a British newspaper article said that workers in Chinese Foxconn factories that produce the popular iPod are poorly paid and not allowed access to outsiders.

Later, Guo Taiming, president of Taiwan's Hon Hai Group, which is the parent company of Foxconn, said in Japan that Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper report about Foxconn's mistreatment of Chinese workers is untrue.

58.82% of the Chinese netizens in the survey believe that it is the government's fault for ignoring factories that do not offer good salaries and benefits to workers. However 41.18% of the users think that the ultimate responsibility falls on the factory.

82.35% of those polled suggest that the factory's conditions should be changed in two areas. First, the local government should start a special supervision department to monitor this factory. Second, workers should establish a union to protect their interests.


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