Motorola (MOT) announced the signing of a MediaCipher license agreement with DVN Technology Limited, a Chinese technology services provider of state-of-the-art digital TV broadcast platforms.

"This relationship with DVN represents Motorola's first MediaCipher license agreement in the Chinese market, underscoring our commitment to supporting open architecture systems and to making our technology available internationally," said Drina Yue, Motorola vice president and managing director — Asia Pacific. "As a leading provider of digital broadcast platforms in China, DVN is uniquely positioned to establish MediaCipher technology as the conditional access system in China."

The agreement will allow DVN to expand its customer base by creating new opportunities with network operators that

support the Motorola MediaCipher conditional access technology.

By licensing its MediaCipher technology to DVN, Motorola is providing a new opportunity for network operators to deploy advanced digital set-tops with a secure conditional access system in China–using either an embedded or the

SmartCard version of the MediaCipher technology. This greater choice in set-top selection will expand opportunities available for consumers to experience digital video in their homes. Currently deployed in more than two thousand

headends worldwide, Motorola's MediaCipher technology is one of the industry's most robust and secure conditional access technologies.

Earlier this month, Motorola announced that it has received SARFT certification for the Motorola Dvi1000 digital cable DVB set-top and the Motorola MediaCipher conditional access system. With these certifications, Motorola has completed testing on all key pieces of the company's end-to-end digital cable solution in China. This is a significant milestone because the certifications ensure that all elements are interoperable in this fast-growing digital cable market.


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