SmartPay has announced a nationwide partnership with China Minsheng Bank on mobile payment services.

This partnership signals a wider adoption of SmartPay's mobile payment services with all CMBC's customers over 19 main cities in China.

SmartPay enables mobile subscribers to easily receive, send and spend money anywhere, anytime. The simplest application for this service is payment or top-up of mobile phone bills. Users simply register for the service, and then will be alerted when their prepaid account is low, or when their post- paid account is due then the user can easily pay via SMS.

In addition, SmartPay also processes payments for digital cards, utility bills and lottery tickets. In the near future, SmartPay will be able to provide payment services for airline tickets and much more.

"Partnering with CMBC on a nationwide basis will enhance SmartPay's services and allow for nationwide mobile payment capabilities," commented Greg Shen, CEO of SmartPay. "Already, SmartPay has processed billions of transactions. The mobile phone will do for money, what the iPod has done for music, making it instantly accessible and personalized, and SmartPay is glad to be partnering with CMBC to broaden the reach of these services."


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