The Anti-spam Comprehensive Treatment Platform, which is run by the Internet Society of China (ISC), has formally opened.

The new platform is part of ISC's efforts in fulfilling the Sunshine and Green Network Project of the Ministry of Information Industry and safeguarding the implementation of Internet Email Service Management Measure that became effective on March 31, 2006.

The platform includes a real-time database of spam sender IP addresses, an email server IP address database, email server IP address registration database and a dynamic IP address database. With these functions, it is able to receive and accept users' reports on spam and quickly identify the source of spam.

Xi Guohua, a deputy minister from the Ministry of Information Industry, has praised ISC's work on anti-spam and expressed his appreciation to enterprises like China Netcom,,,, and for their contributions to the construction of the platform.

Xi also called on efforts to be made in support of the government's work on anti-spam and creating a healthy and harmonious network environment.

A representative in China for the global anti-spam group Spamhaus hoped that this new platform is better that its previous incarnations. The previous system used by ISC was supposed to allow users to freely report spam, but often nothing was done once a user reported spam and sometimes their requests to identify spamming companies landed on deaf ears at ISC.


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