China's Ministry of Information Industry has criticized ten wireless service providers for providing unregulated telecom services.

The ten SPs are Shenzhen Chuangshi Interactive Technology Co., Ltd; Shanghai Yitutong Information Technology Co., Ltd; Tianjin Jinrui Communications Co., Ltd; Beijing Hutong Wuxian Technology Co., Ltd; Beijing Xinzheng Xingyun Network Technology Co., Ltd; Beijing Hongxin Xunmeng Technology Development Co., Ltd; Shanghai Zhouxin Information Technology Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Caitong Network Technology Co., Ltd; Tianjin Dongfang Shanglu Network Service Co., Ltd; and Guangzhou Koukounian Communications Technology Co., Ltd.

They have been accused of cheating consumers, disorderly charging fees, and coercive ordering of services.

MII says there were 2638 complaints about telecom service charging and costs in the second quarter of this year, an increase of 194.7% compared with the same period of last year.


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