China's Ministry of Public Security has published a short list of the ten most serious intellectual property rights infringement cases for 2005.

The ten cases include counterfeit sports shoes made in Fujian; fake liqueur made in Sichuan, fake medicine made by a person called Huang Mian and his team in Guangdong; fake pesticide from a person named Guo Rong in Jiangsu; fake medicine produced in Henan; fake wine made by Lai Shouqiang in Tianjin and Guangdong; fake pesticides made by He Mugui in Sichuan; fake pencils produced by Shen Jiantao and his gang in Anhui; private servers for computer game Mir 3 in Shanghai; and the copyright violations perpetuated by Chen Jinsong in Fujian.

The Ministry of Public Security will also soon unveil a list of cross-border intellectual property rights crimes.


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