With SOA technology becoming more mature and its development in China being able to compete with developed countries, a new market for China's SOA architecture and applications has been created.

In order to form standard characteristics of SOA architecture and standards specific to China, TongTech announced the establishment of SOA-RA-TF (SOA Reference Architecture Technology Forum).

The Forum brings together eleven domestic software enterprises, including Shenzhen Taiji Software Co., Ltd; Digital China, Guoyan Science, Zhonghewei Co., Ltd; Linux Co., Ltd; Beijing RiseSoft Technology Co., Ltd; Beijing Software Testing Center, BSTC, and Huadi Co., Ltd.

The SOA-RA-TF will fall under the supervision of the Changfeng Open Standard Platform Software Coalition, which is supported by relevant national departments and the Beijing Municipal Scientific Committee, the Beijing Municipal Information Office, and the Administration Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, and was established by software enterprises that are eager to make China's software industry flourish.


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