A representative from the Telecom Management Bureau of Ministry of Information Industry says that China welcomes any qualified foreign companies to invest legally in China's value-added telecom service sector.

The Telecom Management Bureau will also provide them any related consulting services.

China has begun to gradually open its telecom value-added market to the outside world according to its commitment to the World Trade Organization.

Five foreign-invested companies including MSN China have already won telecom value-added service operation licenses from MII.

Last week, MII issued a circular, requiring that domestic telecommunications companies not rent, transfer or sell telecom service operation permits to foreign investors. The circular also says Chinese companies should not provide resources, sites or facilities for foreign investors to run telecom services illegally in China.

According to China's commitment to the World Trade Organization, foreign-funded companies will be allowed to hold 49% of stakes in China's basic telecom industry by the end of this year.


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