News Corporation's (NWS) subsidiary HarperCollins has announced the launch of, an online dictionary service featuring a full English-Chinese translation dictionary and an English dictionary designed specifically for students learning English.

The company says this service will provide comprehensive language resources, phraseology, language and cultural notes as well as thousands of translated examples. It will enable users in China and globally to look up words, read translations, view corresponding entries and benefit from other advanced search functions.

The service will be available online to users worldwide at, starting October 2006.

Stella Chou will oversee these initiatives in China. As managing director, Chou will be responsible for collaborating with various local partners and fostering stronger links between Western and Chinese cultures.


  1. I cant find any where that has a decent online translator! It is VERY fustrating! I dont want to download something i want to translate off the internet from English in to simple chinese! I want something with a box for the word and another box for what it is in chinese ITS THAT EASY!!!!


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