The latest survey conducted by Chinese online travel service provider shows that 85% of the travelers polled prefer using e-tickets when booking airline trips.

The survey was conducted by among 4000 of its members.

In a multiple choice question about the advantages of e-tickets, 67% of the respondents choose "no need to get the ticket or wait for ticket delivery", 51% selected "no time or space limit in booking a ticket" and 48% chose "loss or damage proof".

In order to make it easier for travelers to book e-tickets, has further optimized its air ticket booking interface and internal booking procedures. Shi Jun, director of Air Ticket Booking, says that Ctrip has now launched an e-payment service for the e-ticket where Ctrip will mail the trip receipt to passengers who need official "fapiao".

Online travel service providers and have both confirmed that from October 17, all their respective air ticket agents will be required to sell e-tickets. However, those agents will be able to still sell their remaining paper tickets until they are sold out.


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