Shizuo Takashino, president of Sony China, says that his company may have lost about CNY1.3 billion to CNY2 billion in dealing with its battery recall.

This is the first time that Shizuo Takashino has responded to the public since it was disclosed that the company's battery may trigger fires.

In August, Dell and Apple recalled as many as 6 million lithium batteries for their laptop computers. These batteries were later shown to be made by Sony. Shizuo Takashino said that Sony has been keeping itself open and transparent after the problem was identifed. He said that right now his company is caring more about how to solve the problem rather than evaluating the actual loss brought to them.

Sony has already appointed a senior executive to be responsible for the quality and safety of their products. This is the highest-rank official that the company has even designated to concentrate on product safety.


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