Motorola (MOT) has announced an agreement with PCCW-HKT Telephone Limited, a subsidiary of Hong Kong's leading telecommunications provider, PCCW Limited (PCW), to conduct a six-month technical trial using Motorola's end-to-end Mobile TV system in Hong Kong.

The trial will run from September 2006 to March 2007 within Hong Kong's Quarry Bay district and will include Motorola DVB-H enabled mobile devices, network solutions and interactive services platform. During the course of the trial, PCCW will evaluate the technical capabilities and the operational performance of DVB-H in Hong Kong.

DVB-H stands for Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld, a technical specification for bringing broadcast services to handheld devices. The DVB-H standard supports live broadcast channels and events as well as on-demand content. With strong support from the industry, DVB-H is gaining momentum around the world and is the only broadcast standard forecasted for commercial deployment on all continents. End users will benefit from the enrichment in personal utility and productivity through anytime/anywhere access to entertainment and information.

"Mobile TV is the next generation of mobile video entertainment experiences and this trial is an important step forward in bringing this experience to consumers," said Simon Leung, president of Motorola Asia Pacific. "We're pleased to work together with PCCW to support their efforts and hope to see these services based on our solutions to become commercially available for Hong Kong subscribers soon after the technical trial."


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