Timecruiser Computing Corporation (TCC), a leading provider of Web-based education enterprise portal in the U.S., today announced the City of Xiamen has begun implementing its SchoolCruiser product for the entire K-12 school system of Xiamen, as the first citywide education portal in China.

Simultaneously, TCC announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Neusoft to market localized TCC portal to educational institutions as the Web application platform for the total E-education solution developed jointly by TCC and Neusoft for the Chinese education market.

Xiamen, located in the southeast coastline of China's Fujian Province and one of the first four "Economic Special Zones" opened to the world by the Chinese government, has over 400 elementary and secondary schools totaling more than 300,000 students. Equipped with broadband fiber optic network infrastructure, the Education Commission of Xiamen started to search for an E-education application for its schools and issued China's first citywide education technology RFP at the end of 2001.

Neusoft and Timecruiser teamed up and stood out for joint technical merit, demonstrated track record and proven products that promote education resource sharing across large-scale user base. Participants in bidding the project included IBM, Microsoft and many local and Hong Kong-based software companies. Today, more than 180 schools have implemented SchoolCruiser in Xiamen. "SchoolCruiser gave teachers, students, principals and parents a 24×7 channel to collaborate in their daily school activities," said Mr. Xu Feng, Xiamen Education Commission's IT Director. "Timecruiser understands Xiamen's needs and has been effective in assisting us achieving the goal of facilitating education resource sharing for every school in the City of Xiamen."

"Timecruiser is very excited to be a strategic partner with Neusoft," said Allen Wang, CEO of Timecruiser Computing Corporation. "We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Xiamen Education Commission to set a high benchmark for a scalable Web resource sharing paradigm that supports the vision and needs of the Chinese educational community. Teaching, learning and administering all within a centrally organized environment with distributed institution administration capability are all embodied in the Xiamen education portal."

SchoolCruiser, a unique, Web-based school enterprise portal, offers content, resource and productivity management tools for K-12 institutions. SchoolCruiser fosters education by offering a powerful one-line communication platform that promotes collaboration between students, parents, teachers and administrators while facilitating the seamless integration with third party content and applications. Users can manage their information ranging from school news, events and teacher's aids to classes, homework assignment and study aids.


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