Microsoft (MSFT) China announced at its 2007 fiscal year media communications conference that it would continue to enlarge investment in China and work to push forward the development of the local software industry by cooperating with the Chinese government and local business partners.

Microsoft China says that in the next five years, it will complete US$100 million strategic investments and US$100 software outsourcing investments in China and train about 80000 software talents as an effort to carry out an agreement reached with the Chinese government.

It will also invest more than US$100 million each year in China to boost technology innovation in the country and recruit 500 developing talents to enlarge its developer team to 3000 people in the coming three to five years.

Speaking of the new fiscal year, Chen Yongzheng, president of Microsoft China, said confidently that they would continue to promote the construction of the IT industry in China through additional investment, technological cooperation, personnel training and knowledge sharing. Chen added that they would also bring innovative products and services such as Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Live to China in the next year.


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