Focus Wireless, a subsidiary of Focus Media (FMCN), has reached an agreement with Chinese e-commerce website Huicong to jointly build the first mobile phone B2B platform in China.

As one of the largest B2B service providers in China, Huicong provides outsourcing, sales and promotion services for more than 2.8 million companies each year. For Huicong, the cooperation with Focus Wireless is a new test in China to combine an e-commerce website with wireless Internet and a Huicong representative has told local media it will make full use of Focus Wireless's advanced technology to transform the current e-commerce business operation pattern and provide more convenience to mobile phone users.

With its Wireless Identification System and Target Client Attribute Dig Platform technology, Huicong hopes to be able to send the most valuable business information to its business clients.

At present, there are as many as 426 million mobile phone users in China.


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