In order to strengthen the tracking of food sources and to guarantee food safety, the Hong Kong SAR Government plans to hold talks with the mainland authorities to adopt RFID technology to track the food and animals supplied from the mainland.

Zhou Yiyue, Director General of Hong Kong's Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, has disclosed that they are working to cooperate with the mainland departments to use RFID to track food and animals supplied from the mainland and are considering using pigs as a live target in the test phase.

Recent sicknesses in the United States over spinach and similar worries in Hong Kong over tainted rice have raised alarms about the need to track and monitor food.

According to Zhou, Hong Kong SAR will set up a multi-department work team consisting of HWFB; Food and Enviromental Sanitation Department; the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department; and Hong Kong Customs to work with mainland counterparts to formulate logistical best practices.


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