The Electronic Development Fund of the Ministry of Information Industry of China says that it will provide funding for "AVS core CMOS Chip" and another project of Spreadtrum Communications in Shanghai.

Spreadtrum Communications is a leading fabless semiconductor company in China that develops and sells innovative wireless communications products. Its GSM/GPRS baseband chip has been adopted by several leading Chinese handset manufacturers. Spreadtrum is also one of the important manufacturers of handset core CMOS chip for TD-SCDMA and it has already seen good progress.

The Development Fund for Electronic and Information Industry is managed by both the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Information Industry.

Currently, Spreadtrum is participating in efforts to develop and industrialize AVS technology with its technical advantages. As the partner of Spreadtrum in the domain of AVS, the Institute of Computing Technology of CAS applied to the Electronic Development Fund of the Ministry of Information Industry of China with Spreadtrum. Dr. Chen Yiqiang, the AVS Project Director from ICT, indicated that the ICT is one of the founders of AVS Standard, who fully dominated the AVS technology and that Spreadtrum is a reliable partner with top technology and rich experiences in chip design. He also emphasized that ICT and Spreadtrum would cooperate well in the AVS Project and accelerate the industrialization of AVS.

Besides the AVS Project, the Project "Core Technology for TD-SCDMA and the Industrialization of Terminal Products" applied by Spreadtrum and Hisense has gained the support from the Electronic Development Fund of MII. Since 2004 Spreadtrum's projects have received continuous support by the Electronic Development Fund of MII and all projects are proceeding on schedule.

Founded in 1956, the Institute of Computing Technology of CAS is the first academic institute specialized in comprehensive research on computer science and technology. China's first general-purpose digital electronic computer was made here at ICT, which later became a research and development base for high-performance computers. It is also the birthplace of the first high-performance general-purpose CPU chip.


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