E-payment services provider YeePay is working with Chinese online retailer Dangdang.com to provide an exclusive payment service for Dangdang Mall, a new online store hosting program that allows merchants to sell their goods through Dangdang's network.

This is the second time the two companies collaborated since YeePay started providing an online payment solution for Dangdang's main online store.

Chu Mingli, Assistant President at Dangdang, said, "YeePay has been a close partner of Dangdang. Our previous collaboration in online B2C payment was very successful and has laid a solid foundation for this new partnership. YeePay's payment platform had been proven efficient and reliable. Dangdang Mall is a continuation of our existing partnership, it also breaks new ground in that we introduced telephone payment into our platform for the first time. We chose YeePay because it has a total solution integrating both online and offline payments, giving our customers more options. We can streamline the payment process and make online shopping a more enjoyable experience for our customers."

Dangdang Mall is an online marketplace that enables third-party merchants to sell their merchandise on Dangdang's ecommerce platform, as complementary to its own online store. More than 3000 merchants have subscribed to this service and opened up storefronts on the platform.


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