Beijing Carrefour Shuangjing store has been accused of selling problematic mobile phones and cheating customers.

According to local media, a consumer surnamed Li bought an NEC TV mobile phone from Beijing Carrefour Shuangjing store, as recommended by the store's sales guide, but he found that this mobile phone could not receive any television program as soon as he stepped out of the store. He requested a new phone, but was refused by the staff at Carrefour.

Customer service staff from Carrefour explain that this kind of mobile phone can receive TV signals though it can not be used to watch TV programs all the time, so there is no problem with it.

Li says that Carrefour knows that this phone can not be used to watch TV, but still misleads customers to buy it. He is asking Carrefour to recall this product, apologize to him and offer compensation for his economic loss.

This case is now being processed at Chaoyang People's Court in Beijing.


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