United Information Technology and Orchid Asia Group Management have announced that Orchid Asia has made a US$10.5 million investment commitment to UIT for its business expansion globally.

Founded in 2001, UIT is a leading provider of information management and storage solutions in China. With a strong team combining with both international expertise and local know-how, the company has developed proprietary iSCSI based storage area networks (SAN) featuring advanced software and fully-integrated architecture design.

Its product portfolio also includes Fiber Channel SAN and NAS. These solutions have powered many customers to manage information access and storage in a secure, efficient, and reliable way. The company works closely with leading corporations and premier channel partners worldwide, on solutions which can meet the most challenging local and international needs. Its customer list includes CCTV, China Telecom, and China Power Group.

UIT is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Orchid Asia's current fund, Orchid Asia III, has US$180 million to invest in expansion stage companies in China.


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