Texas Instruments (TXN) has unveiled its OMAP-Vox single-chip processor to support GSM/GPRS/EDGE standards. Nicknamed "eCosto" the new wireless processor is designed to help customers in China, as well as other regions, serve the need for low-cost multimedia phones.

This is TI's second single-chip cell phone solution. The first, called "LoCosto" and developed for GSM and GPRS standards, is in volume production today, deployed with 15 low-cost handset manufacturers.

Rich Templeton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Instruments, says handset manufacturers and mobile service operators "have an important role to play" in helping China connect more people in its rural areas and across the country. Speaking at a summit of wireless industry leaders, Templeton highlighted the growing opportunities for cell phones in China and said, "For many people here, when they one day connect to the Internet for the first time, they will experience it through their cell phones."

According to In-Stat, China is the world's largest cell phone market with 400 million subscribers, and that number is expected to increase to 600 million by 2008. This growth is coming at both the high- and low-ends of China's handset market.


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