IBM (IBM) has been accused of using old batteries in its ThinkPadX31 notebooks in Guangzhou.

A consumer surnamed Sheng bought a ThinkPadX31 notebook from Guangzhou Newstrong Technology Company in 2004. Eighteen months later he found that the computer had trouble. He then found that its battery was first used in 2002, but the computer was produced in 2004.

Later he reported to the Guangdong Consumers' Committee and sued the dealer and IBM, asking them to compensate him with double price of the battery, mainboard and hard disk. Also he required IBM to apology to Chinese consumers.

IBM and its dealer have each given written replies to this event, saying that the battery on Sheng's notebook was produced in December, 2003 and was in conformity with the production process. A representative from the after-sales service says that the machines bought by clients are always new.

This case will be heard soon at Tianhe District's court in Guangzhou.


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