China Expert Technology has been awarded an e-government contract worth US$15 million to construct an e-government system for the Cangshan District of Fuzhou City located in Fujian Province.

Under the terms of the contract, construction will begin in July 2007 and is expected to be completed by June 2009. China Expert Technology will be responsible for design and implementation of hardware platform integration and an emergency commanding system.

Huang Tao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Expert, stated, "We are pleased to win another significant contract within the Fujian Province and believe the addressable opportunity within the region is significantly more than the $221 million in contracts we have signed to date. This new contract will go into our current backlog and will help to further solidify our visibility as we look out to 2007 and beyond."

The e-government project is aimed at establishing a national electronic government system, in which existing and expected government networks and applied systems can be combined to form united technology standards and regulations and consequently a united national government service platform.


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