Shanda's (SNDA) business unit Shanda Games has made investments into Shanghai Wei Lai Information Technology Co. Ltd and Shanghai Cai Qu Network Technology Co. Ltd, under its "18 Plan".

Proving that the company might be able to make great games, but leaves lots to be desired within its public relations department, the company's press statement gives no clue as to what its "18 Plan" means or the amount of money or services that Shanda Games has given to the respective companies. Investors are left to guess as to the impact these investments will have on Shanda.

"We are excited to form partnerships with Shanghai Wei Lai and Shanghai Cai Qu," said Diana Li, Shanda Games' CEO. "We are confident the partnership will help Shanda Games further enhance its leadership position in China's webgame market."

Shanghai Wei Lai has been specializing in webgame operations since its establishment in November 2006. After successfully introducing "Travian" and "OGAME" webgames to the China market, Shanghai Wei Lai now boasts a webgame community in China. Its innovative and fun game platform allows users to communicate and share game experience by combining social network services and webgame operation.

Shanghai Cai Qu, founded in August 2006, is a fast growing webgame development company. Its first game, "Ge Zi Ke", is a casual webgame with a simplistic design, yet offers high entertainment value. Cai Qu enriches player experiences by awarding actual prizes to game players based on their online activities. Ge Zi Ke also boasts a loyal online community that encourages interaction and communication among players.


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