Anti-virus firm Rising announced that the official website of China UnionPay was attacked by a hacker last Friday.

China UnionPay's homepage was embedded with a backdoor program which would make users' computers contract with a virus once they clicked the link on the page.

An engineer from Rising says that the hacker had added a program called Backdoor.BlackHole.2005.a. on China UnionPay's website through which they could steal users' information. Rising said now that the program added by the hacker is quite old, their anti-virus software could easily kill it so long as users upgrade the software to the latest edition.

A representative from China UnionPay said that the attack was only targeted at the official website of China UnionPay, so the company's transaction network had not been affected.

In a backslap to Rising, the representative further said that some anti-virus companies were intentionally promoting themselves through announcements of the attack.


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