Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMI) and Saifun Semiconductors (SFUN) a provider of Non-Volatile Memory technology, announced today that they will collaborate on delivering 8Gb Data flash using SMIC's advanced process technology.

This unique product, expected to reach the market in 2008, will be based on the Saifun Quad NROM technology and designs.

Saifun Quad NROM four-bit-per-cell technology represents a breakthrough in existing NVM technology by doubling the storage capacity of conventional memory cells and providing a simpler architecture that requires fewer manufacturing steps and reduces manufacturing costs.

The development of 8Gb Data flash on SMIC's advanced process demonstrates the advantages of Quad NROM in enabling the most cost-effective Flash manufacturing processes on the market today. It will enable SMIC to enter the challenging Flash market with reliable and high performance products.

SMIC aims to provide a comprehensive flash product offering to tap into the emerging consumer electronics market in China and throughout the world. SMIC has delivered its first engineering samples of its advanced 2Gb NAND flash product based on the Saifun NROM two-bit-per-cell technology, and it continues to target mass production of this product by the end of 2006.

"We are delighted to further our relationship with SMIC in bringing the advanced Flash products to the market," commented Dr. Boaz Eitan, Chairman and CEO of Saifun, "We believe that the combination of the innovation and dedication of SMIC with Saifun's unique NROM technology positions both companies very well to become significant players in the very lucrative Data market."


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