Due to their suspicious origins, Dell (DELL) China says that it won't be responsible for maintaining low priced displays and monitors that appear to be either fake Dell products or smuggled into China from overseas.

Dell made the comments to local media, and the company says display and monitor products which are usually sold directly by Dell itself through online networks or telephone have all a sudden appeared at many IT shopping malls and online stores in cities like Beijing to Chengdu. More surprisingly, these products have been priced at a much lower prices than that of Dell's own stock.

A sales person from Dell China says these low priced products are not normal products made by Dell and it is very likely they have been smuggled from abroad. Therefore they are not subject to Dell's after-sales service. Another representative from Dell China explains that as display monitors are a very important part of the company's production line, Dell will always adopt the direct sales pattern for them and the price for the normal display monitor made by Dell should be that published on Dell's official website.

Although Dell China has refused to offer any after-sales service for these low priced monitors, many retail dealers have promised consumers full maintenance packages.


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