China Online Video Frequency Research Report 2006 recently released by iResearch shows that the market scale of China's online videos will reach CNY500 million in 2006 and CNY3.4 billion in 2010.

The report says that the year 2006 is the first year of China's online video industry and the online video frequency market remains a rapid sector driven by many parties including TV stations, telecom operators and Internet firms.

iResearch analysts believe that during this period, the two urgent issues that online video frequency operators need to solve include how to position themselves in the market and how to distribute the profits at each cycle. iResearch predicts that in the coming five years, China's online video frequency market will be growing at a compound rate of around 60%.


  1. Does China only have 'Paid Internet'? And do Internet users have to pay each and every time they watch a video, or do they pay once and then own the download? Thanks! Salliee

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