Zhejiang Telecom, China Telecom's (CHA) largest subsidiary, has deployed Juniper Networks (JNPR) E320 Broadband Service Routers and T-series core routers to introduce new advanced IPTV and other multiplay services.

Zhejiang will be using the unique MPLS-based Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) capabilities on the T-series, which dramatically improves the efficiency of video distribution in the core network, reducing network congestion and the associated costs. Both the E- and T-series are critical components of Zhejiang's long-term IPTV strategy.

"Zhejiang Telecom selected the E320 platform for its robust handling of a mix of services being operated through the service provider's network," said Eric Yu, Juniper's vice president of Greater China. "QoS and fast failover are critical requirements and Juniper's end-to-end solution delivers these and scales to meet our future needs."

Leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the new platforms, Zhejiang Telecom is provisioning advanced IP services ranging from high-speed broadband applications to modem-based virtual private dial-up network (VPDN) services for its user base of over 3 million subscribers.

Zhejiang Telecom has deployed Juniper E- and M-series platforms since 2001 and trusts their rock-solid reliability and cutting edge performance at scale. Because the new and existing platforms provide consistent operating systems, Zhejiang can easily upgrade their network without adding operational complexity, and can confidently implement consistent feature-sets in its core and edge networks.

The Juniper Networks E- and T-series deliver a comprehensive portfolio of advanced features by uniquely combining best-in-class IP/MPLS capabilities with unmatched reliability, security and performance. The E320, which can be optionally configured with 100 Gbps or 320 Gbps of capacity, in combination with JUNOSe, provides the industry's largest capacity, highest performance edge routing platform, designed to address the unique requirements of high bandwidth carrier-scale multiplay deployments. With industry-leading capacity, performance and scale, the E320 is the ideal choice for service providers like Zhejiang as they seek to deliver enhanced multiplay services such as IPTV to an increasing customer base.

The Juniper Networks T-series has been shipping since April 2002, and is the industry's most proven core routing platform, with over 2000 units deployed in customer networks worldwide. In addition to the superior P2MP video distribution capabilities, the T-series has the ability to leverage Juniper Networks' multi-chassis TX Matrix technology, allowing service providers to scale to multi-terabit rates non-disruptively. The combination of unmatched system scale and video distribution capabilities makes the T-series the ideal core platform for large scale IPTV and multiplay network deployments.

"The ability to deliver IPTV and multiplay traffic efficiently and reliably through both the core and the edge of the IP network will be critical to the success of large-scale IPTV deployments," said Yu. "Service providers such as Zhejiang Telecom recognize the need for a reliable, scalable, high performance network upon which to build next-generation multiplay IP services, including IPTV, and to capture the revenue opportunities springing from them. Together the E- and T-series provide Zhejiang with the scalability, flexibility and reliability required to take these services to China's vast and growing market."


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