Shanghai Scientific Technology Committee has named Shanghai Akomedia DITVS (Digital Interactive Television System) as a recipient of its annual Innovative Technology Award.

Akomedia is the only company on the list of awardees totally devoted to the development of IPTV solutions.

The Shanghai Innovative Technology Award is directly managed under the Chinese central government's National Economic and Trade Commission No. 40 Mandate. All applicant companies' technologies were examined for a year by a panel of experts from the National Economic and Trade Commission, various technology, economic, and legal fields. Shanghai Akomedia's IPTV technology. DITVS was recognized as the leading solution for interactive TV.

Dr. Mo Yang, CEO of Akomedia said, "We have devoted dozens of engineers into the research and development of DITVS. For over two years, we have worked day and night on this first Chinese proprietary IPTV technology. This award gives us the impetus to work even hard to push interactive TV to the forefront of the Chinese media."

Akomedia specializes in digital interactive TV products and services. The company is headquartered in Shanghai Jiading Innovation Park, one of Shanghai's two national high-tech business incubators for returning overseas experts.


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