Madame Hu Qiheng, Chair of the Internet Society of China, has disclosed that China is exploring and gradually testing a limited network real name mechanism in order to balance the relationship between individual privacy and public and state interests.

Speaking about a recently reported blog real name mechanism, Hu says that a blog user needs to use their true ID card and real name in registering a blog website of BBS website, but they can use whatever names they like as their username, so long as the names do not do harm the public interest.

The ISC therefore defines "limited network real name mechanism" as using a real name to register, but choosing a different name to talk to online friends.

Hu also believes that China must be innovative in straightening the Internet order and give full consideration to the international rules and China's own national situation in adopting the limited network real name mechanism.

The Internet Society of China is a neutral organization between the professional Internet society and the government that helps coordinate relations among various parties in creating a healthy online environment.


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