Hong Kong's Outblaze has jumped into the online video sector with the release of OutblazeVideo, a white label web-based multimedia editing and sharing application for Telcos and portals.

Outblaze Founder and CEO Yat Siu said, "With OutblazeVideo we seek to improve on first-generation video and photo sharing services by bundling a full suite of multimedia creation, editing, and publishing tools in a single browser-based product with a fast learning curve. Because it can be deployed for any client on any web site, OutblazeVideo helps to bring the media-rich potential of Flash within the grasp of all Internet users."

OutblazeVideo is delivered as a service, enabling operators to deploy and brand a suite of sophisticated Web 2.0 multimedia and sharing tools for their customers.

OutblazeVideo is a turnkey, user-centric video manipulation engine built for web sites. With its customizable interface, search capability, sharing tools, and multilevel metadata indexing, OutblazeVideo is designed to tap the growing popularity of user-generated content and social networking, and therefore increase user acquisition and retention for Outblaze clients.

OutblazeVideo provides clients with opportunities to increase traffic and audience for their brands and enables two primary forms of revenue generation: advertising and premium subscriptions.


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