GenevaLogic has opened an office in Beijing to help promote its Vision classroom management software, which is currently used in more than 50,000 classrooms worldwide.

"GenevaLogic is committed to ensuring that educators everywhere have access to tools for maximizing the use of technology to improve student learning," said Kirk Greiner, chief executive officer.

To support this emerging market, GenevaLogic recently translated its flagship classroom management software, Vision6, and its plug-ins App-Control and Surf·Lock2 into Chinese. Vision is an easy-to-use classroom management software that empowers teachers and trainers to guide and supervise student computer activity from the instructor's computer screen. Teachers use Vision to enhance learning, supervise student progress, monitor or prevent Web browsing, share computer screens and remotely control student computers.

With the App-Control plug-in, teachers can keep the whole class learning together by remotely launching applications, sharing documents and managing access to applications on all student computers. Using Surf·Lock2, teachers can turn browsing on or off from their computer with a single click, allow students access only to selected Web sites that support instruction, and stop or limit Web browsing instantly for a single student or the entire class.

In addition, GenevaLogic is making SpeedLingua products available to Chinese schools. SpeedLingua's patented technology gives language learners a more efficient means for improving listening skills and reducing accents. GenevaLogic is the exclusive distributor of SpeedLingua technology in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, China and North America.


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