The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Industry and Commerce has conducted a special inspection on the quality of laptop computers circulating within the province and found five types of laptops made by four companies to be unqualified.

The four brands are Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC and HP. The main problems with their laptop products include electrostatic discharge immunity and radiation emissions. The five types of unqualified laptop computers are:
Toshiba SatelliteL100, whose main paroblem deals with static and no specification on non-battery time; Toshiba SatelliteA80, which has static and radiation problems; Fujitsu LBP7120-AC011S0A1 which has static and no specification on non-battery time problems; the NECS3100 has static and no specification on non-battery time problems; and the HP EX048PA#AB2 (V2626AU) has electrical surge problems and no specification on non-battery time.

ZPDIC has asked retailers to stop selling the laptop computers of these brands and its has arranged a special investigation into the issue.

A Toshiba public relations representative says the company is talking with ZPDIC and they will take corresponding measures once the final results come out. Fujitsu's Beijing PR representative has told local media that they are discussing with their headquarters about the matter and will publish the results to the media as soon as possible. Both HP and NEC have given similar replies, but they refuse to make further comment.


  1. "no specification on non-battery time problems"
    Is anybody re-thinking, what that shall mean? These inspections are pure chicanery, even seeming to leave out the whole picture in the market – where are the Haier-, Lenovo- and other notebooks?
    Do they just have a better "communication policy" towards ZPDIC?


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