MediaTek, the Taiwan-headquartered semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, has announced plans to invest USD2.5 million in the Chinese mainland mobile phone software platform company, Vogins Technology.

MediaTek currently has adequate funding and plans to enhance its technological advantages by merger and acquisition. In the past, the company's targets were mainly hardware companies, but during the recent few years, its cooperative targets gradually transfered to software providers. Since the beginning of 2009, MediaTek has added investments in C-Media's subsidiary iPeer and has cooperated with the Chinese mainland search engine

Founded in December 2005, Vogins Technology is a mobile terminal application middleware provider and service provider. Its Virtual Runtime Environment is the company's main middleware solution for mobile devices. VRE, which includes an embedded middleware platform and a server service system, provides a high efficient development platform to help mobile device makers to develop mobile devices across chipset platforms. In addition, application developers can gain supports and tools to develop applications on VRE to achieve cross platform compatibility. Vogins Technology and MediaTek jointly started to promote the VRE platform from March this year.

MediaTek's cooperation with Vogins Technology will not only make up its technology gap in software program operating system, but also aims to eliminate the irregular promoting measures in the online music sector. In addition, Vogins Technology will cooperate with the mainland music service provider A8 Music Group to provide various application interfaces on the basis of the VRE platform to MediaTek's mobile phone products.


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