Dangdang.com, one of the largest Chinese language online stores, has signed the first phase of its ERP project with GZQOL, a Beijing-based high-tech firm which is engaged in computer software development and IT consulting services.

Li Guoqing, joint CEO of Dangdang.com, says that the signing ceremony for their ERP project would involve a total investment of CNY5 million and the first phase of the design would mainly focus on sales and storage system upgrades, which would take about six months' time.

Li said that upon completion of the first phase of the project, the goods shortages experienced by Dangdang.com in the past would be solved.

At present, Dangdang's warehouse in Beijing is responsible for delivering goods for consumers across the entire country, but the company plans to build more regional warehouses in the future to help increase delivery times.


  1. hello sir, im sharma doing MTech in india, next semester i have to start my Final year project . i have more interest to work with ERP line. so u give the apportunuties fi=or me. thanking you sir.
    your faithfullly rajesh sharma R, anna university. coibbatore.india-14


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