Guangdong Telecom has deployed Juniper Networks (JNPR) TX Matrix routing platforms to upgrade its core network to multi-terabit capacity.

"By deploying the E-series at the network edge and the T-series, including TX Matrix, at the core, Guangdong Telecom has optimized its network to support multiplay service with high performance, quality, reliability and scale," said Eric Yu, vice president of Greater China for Juniper Networks. "The TX Matrix platform delivers unmatched system capacity without adding additional complexity and features unique capabilities that facilitate efficient distribution of video services through the core."

The TX Matrix deployment provides the additional capacity required for Guangdong Telecom to meet growing subscriber demand for higher performance broadband and advanced multiplay services including VoIP, IPTV, video conferencing and video-on-demand. Guangdong Telecom serves millions of subscribers throughout its province.

Guangdong Telecom has also been deploying Juniper Networks E-series Broadband Services Routers extensively and consistently throughout its broadband edge network since 2001.

Juniper's TX Matrix platform enables Guangdong Telecom to combine multiple T640 core routers to form a single multi-terabit routing platform without extensive modifications or having to introduce a new operating system. The TX Matrix platform delivers multi-terabit scale in the smallest available footprint and protects customers' investments, enabling a lower total cost of ownership. The TX Matrix combines high density, rack-optimized platforms with modular, feature-rich software and the ability to interconnect increasing numbers of chassis as a single routing entity, ensuring both high capacity and high efficiency.


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