An insider has disclosed to local media that Du Jiabin, former CEO of Cisco Systems (CSCO) in China, will join Google (GOOG) China to serve as a co-CEO of Google China with Dr. Kai-Fu Lee.

According to the report, although Du used to work as CEO of Cisco, a major telecom equipment provider, he has a deeper understanding of Internet services than telecommunications and has been hailed in the past as an important leader of the Internet industry in China.

Du left Cisco in May 2006 and joined an investment company. He is reportedly to have received invitations from many multinational companies, but he hasn't decided which one to work with.

Google China seems to like its co-CEO system. Although it has not achieved much success in the China market in recent years, it reportedly has sought a new CEO to work with Kai-Fu Lee since former president Zhou Shaoning's resignation last year.


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