The China Mobile Communications Association says that Shenzhen Futian District Government will invest CNY100 to help China Telecommunication Technology Labs to open a branch in Shenzhen to boost the city's mobile phone businesses.

He Guili, director of CTTL, says that they are preparing for the foundation of the Shenzhen branch, but they still need to discuss details with the Shenzhen local government. Currently, there are more than 20 licensed mobile phone companies in Shenzhen, which accounts for one quarter of China's total, and their production accounts for 50%-60% of the country's total mobile phone production.

CTTL is the organization responsible for testing mobile phones in China and is located in Beijing. Because of its position in China's capital, these Shenzhen-based mobile phone companies have to go a long way to have their mobile phone products tested. This sometimes provides time for illegal mobile phone dealers to launch their illegal phones first in the market and greatly harms the interest of the legal mobile phone manufacturers.

After the Shenzhen Mobile Phone Testing center is set up, nearly all the testing procedures can be completed in Shenzhen and this will greatly increase their competitiveness against those illegal mobile phones.


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