Zhongsou.com, a former search engine service provider in China, has now entered into a partnership with Guangdong Telecom in the hope of expanding its Individual Gateway service through the telecom's influence and strength.

Zhongsou.com has bound its IG products with Guangdong Telecom's Vnet software, a free software provided by China Telecom to its broadband service users. However, the cooperation between the parties will go far beyond this simple marketing cooperation. In the coming two years, the companies will carry out deeper cooperation on technology services and market promotion, and Zhongsou.com will provide technical support to Guangdong Telecom's Vnet.

Chen Pei, CEO of Zhongsou.com, says that through the cooperation with Guangdong Telecom, they will enable more users know about the advantages of their IG product, which features value-added services and provide users a one-stop Internet information service.

The parties estimate that their cooperation will bring them millions of new users in Guangzhou area alone.


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