Western Union Company (WU) and the Agricultural Bank of China have signed a contract to extend the agent relationship to provide Western Union Money Transfer services in China.

The contract renewal ensures that Western Union and the Agricultural Bank of China will continue to offer customers across China a fast, reliable and convenient way to transfer money.

The renewed contract, signed by Amin Ng, Chief Representative for China of Western Union Financial Services, and Madam Li Qingping, General Manager of the International Division of the Agricultural Bank of China extends the relationship for three years.

"With the largest banking network in China, our ongoing relationship with Western Union allows us to continue providing fast and convenient money transfer services to our customers, contributing to the smooth flow of international funds, and to achieve a win-win result for customers, Western Union and ourselves," Madam Li said.

Since 1994, Western Union has been sharing global experience and technical expertise in China, and supports the national economy by providing an authorized and convenient channel for remittance into China. In addition to the Agricultural Bank of China, Western Union also works with China Post to provide its money transfer service. These relationships ensure that Western Union has an extensive network and offers an outstanding money transfer service for customers throughout China.


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