Kevin Rollins, CEO of Dell, declared at a conference held in Beijing that Dell would purchase components worth more than US$18 billion from Chinese suppliers in the coming years and at the same time it would enlarge its investment in China market.

This is a new record that Dell has made in China in terms of purchasing. A representative from Dell says that this is just a conservative figure and the real amount Dell will spend on purchasing in China will definitely be higher.

Dell made US$17.9 billion in purchases in the China market in 2006, an increase of 14% over the same period of 2005.

Rollins says that Dell China will first focus on first and second tier cities in China, and then gradually head for the third and fourth tier cities, focusing on empowering rural areas with technology.


  1. Dell CEO Kevin Rollins was fired soon after making this statement. Michael Dell has returned from retirement to try to rehabilitate this mismanaged company from its financial tailspin.


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