Chinese online game operator Shanda (SNDA) has entered into an exclusive agreement with South Korean online game developer Actoz for the license to operate the massive multiplayer online game LaTale in mainland China.

"With strong capabilities and extensive experience in online game development, Actoz has developed several popular titles in Korea. LaTale is the first title to be licensed by Shanda after our acquisition of a major stake in Actoz in late 2004. We believe LaTale has excellent prospects for success," said Tianqiao Chen, CEO of Shanda. "In the future, we will be introducing additional games developed by Actoz to our users in mainland China. We are confident that Shanda's operational capacity combined with Actoz's expertise as a game developer will generate additional success in the future."

LaTale is expected to enter close-beta testing in China in February 2007. It is a cartoon-style side-scrolling game with an advanced avatar system.

The game was reportedly well received by Korean users upon its commercial launch in
South Korea in July 2006 under a free-to-play model. LaTale has also been licensed by an operator in Japan and is scheduled to enter open-beta testing in March 2007.


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