The Communications Platforms Trade Association says that ZTE has joined as a Contributor Member, bringing total membership to 30 companies.

The addition of ZTE highlights that CP-TA's vision of a mainstream market for open industry standards-based communications platforms by certifying interoperable building blocks is a worldwide endeavor.

"We welcome ZTE's contributions to our interoperability documents and test procedure manual," said Shlomo Pri-Tal, CP-TA Chairman. "As a telecom manufacturer, they bring valuable insight into the trade association. Telecom Equipment Manufacturers will benefit from the faster time to market and reduced costs that interoperable building blocks provide."

CP-TA has just released its first interoperability compliance document and test procedure manual for PICMG's AdvancedTCA specification aligned to the SCOPE AdvancedTCA profile. In 2007, CP-TA will address specifications from the Linux Foundation and the Service Availability Forum.

"ZTE is a leading global provider of fixed line and mobile telecommunications equipment and network solutions," said ZTE Corporation's Baoguo Xie. "We plan to contribute resources to CP-TA as well as release CP-TA certified products in the near future."

Member companies participate in the creation of interoperability test documents and will be able to promote their products meeting the requirements as CP-TA-certified. CP-TA's members include leading communications platforms and building block providers.

The Communications Platforms Trade Association is a global organization of 25 communications platform and building block providers whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of SIG-governed, open-specification-based communication platforms by certifying interoperable building blocks.


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