China Unicom and payment services provider SmartPay have launched "China Unicom Mobile Wallet" in Guangdong Province, the largest province in China by number of mobile users and total mobile revenues.

Guangdong-based China Unicom users are able to enjoy convenient mobile payment services using Unicom Mobile Wallet after a simple registration process. These services include mobile top-up, payment of utility bills, purchasing of lottery tickets, insurance and other multifunctional services. Guangdong Unicom users can settle these payments via mobile phones instead of cash and credit cards, anywhere and anytime.

The first highlight of Guangdong Unicom's Mobile Wallet project will be promotions for Mobile Lottery Ticketing in honour of the upcoming Chinese New Year and welcoming of the Year of the Golden Pig. Guangdong Unicom customers can complete the purchase of lottery tickets via SMS, and inquire about prize awards and other up-to-date information.

Guangdong Unicom Mobile Wallet will also be utilized to expand the network of SmartPay Agents in Guangdong Province. SmartPay Agents, through the SmartPay Dealer Program, utilize SmartPay to process top-up, lottery and other transactions on behalf of end consumers.

Greg Shen Guowei, CEO of SmartPay, commented, "Mobile payment in China redefines traditional payment solutions. With the expected launch of 3rd Generation mobile networks and the changing consumption patterns in China, new payment solutions will be gradually accepted by Chinese consumers and usage will continue to increase. In the meantime, SmartPay will develop new payment products to meet different requirements of customers, and create a fun, fashionable and convenient life style."


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