SmartPay has unveiled the beta launch of, the company's platform to centralize its mobile, telephone and internet-based payment services for consumers in China.

Greg Shen, CEO of SmartPay, commented, "The new platform is a logical extension of the head start SmartPay has had in developing mobile and telephone-based payments. It will provide extensive services and marketing solutions for our users, merchant partners, and network of bank partners. Most importantly, this will challenge and allow SmartPay to continuously develop better payment services to meet different requirements of our customers."

SmartPay currently allows users to pay their phone bills, utility bills, buy lottery tickets, purchase air tickets and make other purchases, primarily using their mobile phones or fixed-line telephones. provides a convenient, centralized source of information for these transactions, customer care, back office support and other necessary functions.

In addition, will allow the SmartPay community to communicate more with each other, share services amongst one another, including mobile-based peer to peer payments. Most importantly, will allow an increasing universe of merchants to integrate with, and access, SmartPay's growing userbase to effect payments.

SmartPay believes will also serve as an important tool for the network of agents, known as "SmartPay Dealers", who operate in over 10 provinces through SmartPay's Dealer Program. These agents utilize SmartPay to process payments on behalf of end customers. will further expand these efforts and improve the scope and efficiency of this network.

SmartPay claims to have built the most extensive network of fully integrated banks into this platform. This includes direct connection with over 35 local branches of China's major banking institutions, as well as headquarters-level connections for certain special services.


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